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40 Years in Business and Still Growing

By Kathleen McLeod

Forty years ago, Janine D’Auteuil moved from Quebec to Brampton, Ontario, to open her very own beauty shop. During a time when few women ran their own businesses, and considering she hardly knew a word of English, it seemed an arduous task for young Janine. On the contrary, with her business sense, fashion experience and devotion to beauty, she persevered and now runs the number one beauty salon in Brampton, just on the outskirts of Toronto.

In 1969, Janine started her business in one room of another hairdressing salon, doing only facials, makeup and manicures. On October 15th 1971, Janine Beauty Institute opened in a 400-square-foot space at Shoppers World. Her staff consisted of herself and one receptionist. It was all up from there. Her shop had become so popular, that after only 10 years of business, she moved to a 2000-square-foot space and had a staff of 15. She gradually added body waxing, manicures, pedicures, electrolysis and massages. For 12 years in a row, Janine Beauty Care has been named “Best Manicure, Pedicure and Facial” by the local Reader’s Choice!

So, what’s her secret? Janine says it’s all about her staff providing excellent service. “I always have a good staff,” she says. The women working for Janine develop relationships with their clients. During this current recession, Janine is surprisingly busy – she expresses that “Now, clients need us more than before!”

Now, Janine feels it’s time to hand the torch over to her daughter, Michelle, who currently works at Janine Beauty Care day and night, working just as hard as her mother always has. Michelle will be helped by Janine’s granddaughter, Kayla, who is currently in college taking business management.

This summer, an old friend of Janine’s from Quebec will be starting work on her biography, to share the true story of a devoted, determined and inspirational woman.

Brampton, Ontario