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America’s Top Three Treatments

By Ilana Craig

Selecting a spa treatment should not be a stressful activity. Yet with all of the choices out there it can sometimes be a daunting task. There are exciting trends and many spas are offering innovative therapies that focus on pampering and health. Before you travel, research the local spas at your destination: Review their menu of services, and value added amenities – Steam room? Sauna? Hot tub?

Once you narrow your search down, make a phone call. The front desk is the heart of any spa operation, so if the front desk has been trained to anticipate your needs and take care of you, your spa therapist will follow suit.

But alas, what treatment should you select? We at Spalife have put together the top three treatments gaining popularity south of the border—in the USA.

1. Locally inspired treatments

Spas seek to provide you with an indigenous experience, inspired by the spa’s surroundings. For example, El Monte Sagrado Living Resort offers the Signature High Desert Body Treatment at their Living Spa. This treatment uses botanicals locally harvested near Taos, New Mexico, that are blended into special oils. According to Spa Director Mark Amoriello, “This treatment harnesses the healing properties of our rich high desert’s indigenous vegetation. Following in the footsteps of the Native Americans who traditionally utilized these plants for healing and purification, the Living Spa offers the Signature High Desert Body Treatment to our guests to enjoy an authentic Taos experience.”

2. Multipurpose treatments

The newest spa trend – with advanced training, therapists are now able to provide you with treatments that address your mind, body, face, feet, and spirit! Look for treatments that last longer than 80 minutes. Privai, (, a new professional product line, offers unique treatments. Massages include facial masques. Facials include foot rituals and reflexology. Visit the Petite Spa at the Inn on Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, for a Privai experience. The ‘Her Estate Package’ includes a body exfoliation, aromatherapy massage, cocooning body wrap with luxurious body masque, and Privai Aqua Gel face masque with massage. “The ‘Her Estate Package’ incorporates an entire spa day into one service!” Says Kelly Fisher, Director of Spa Operations. “The concept is this one unique service leaves the guest with a sense of total body care in a more manageable timeframe and competitive pricing as opposed to getting multiple treatments.”

3. Food Treatments

Look for treatments that sound good enough to eat! Many spas are incorporating fresh fruit, herbs, and vegetables into the treatment room. These treatments always smell delicious and the enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants are great for your skin too! The Chill Spa at Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, offers the “Decadence” treatment, which incorporates fresh blueberries! ( Spa Director, Tessa Kienow notes that, “The Decadence Body Treatment is by far the most popular. It packs an anti-oxidant punch with the use of blueberry and soy to soften and ultimately strengthen the skin.” At Spa Theology, an urban day spa in Asheville, North Carolina, fresh cucumbers are incorporated into every facial. Darinda Davis, Director of Education and Training notes, “The cucumber eye compress provides a breath of freshness that everyone loves. The cool moist mask soothes and refreshes tired eyes.”

Once you decide on your spa service, make sure you arrive early to take advantage of any amenities. Communicate with your therapist. The spa is a place of refuge, an oasis of health and beauty. It is a place where you are the most important person and your personal comfort and relaxation is the mission of the spa team. If you get cold, hate the music, want a pillow under your knees, let them know!