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Beauty is Within!

By Meghan Baker

Breathe in, breathe out. Now do it and think about where all that air is really going besides expanding your lungs. “As you breathe oxygen, your body consumes it—it is divided amongst the hierarchy of organs and systems. Heart, brain – they see the most oxygen. The last organ of your body to see the oxygen is your skin and your skin is the largest organ of the body,” John Gardner, formulator director of the oxygen-based skin care system at O2Vive explained.

The man knows oxygen. He was the first to introduce oxygen gas into the professional skin care market with Echo 2 in 1995 after being a registered respiratory therapist for 35 years. “I was basically working around oxygen for all those years in a burn ward. I learned how to apply hyperbaric oxygen therapy to increase cell production on damaged skin,” John said.

The traditional battleground of fighting aging has been on the outside using creams, lotions, peels, nip, tucks and needles. “In our research, which has been ongoing for 10 years now, we found that the primary mechanism of aging takes place inside your body, long before it shows up on your skin.”

The O2Vive Skin Care System, the first of its kind for professional use, delivers the exact amount of oxygen the skin cells require. The system attacks on the extrinsic and intrinsic level with the Active Resistance Expiratory Exercise unit and the Skin-Sip Powdered Drink.

“When you do the breathing exercise and product drink, you now have oxygen and anti-oxidants that are breaking down stress metabolites (smoking, pollution, diet) and increasing oxygen inside the cells.” While that is happening, your facial starts. “We have an assortment of nutrients that have never been used that are just gangbusters! We don’t destroy skin cells or raise the ph level of the skin.”

There is a fine balance, too much oxygen and you can literally destroy the cell membrane he added and stresses the importance of the right amount and concentration to ensure “cellular compatibility and homeostasis.”

“We are dealing with anti-aging mechanisms on the level where the battle should be,” he said. “You will see an abrupt change in the lines and wrinkles of the skin.”

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