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Creating the Super Spa

By Sheila O’Hearn

Shiny, flashy, or spinning! Admit it—it gets your attention, right? And Web sites are all about getting your attention. If I need a business, I Google it. I check out the Web sites and I compare — everything! What makes me choose one spa over another and book an appointment? It’s not always about the prices, or even the content and information. Sometimes one spa might offer similar services to another.

When you think about it, the Web site is like an extended version of a calling card or that first, good impression. A click here and a click there, and the Web site is a store front on a busy street. It’s the client’s virtual walk through the front door of that business. is a Web company that has found its niche—or the niche found InfoEmpire! The spa world has embraced this web master’s aid. After all, a great Web site is another tool in generating great revenues. Part of the spa-world craze for InfoEmpire is that the company knows the business of spas, and vies for that good spa-specific first impression. “I like the layout they provide,” says Amanda Daponte, Office Manager of Doctor Takhar’s Cosmetic Clinic in Cambridge, Ontario, adding that she loves the tracking provides. “You can see how many hits (visitors) you get on the site,” she says. “And that’s important!” does more than just create and design Web sites. “We’re a one-stop company and that makes us unique,” says Eugene Khiloff, Market Manager, noting that his team also provides maintenance, support, registration and hosting. “We give owners what they want and create a Web site with the idea of bringing them more business.”

Nowadays, a Web site is often crucial. InfoEmpire is ripe with expertise and technology to help spa-owners create that inviting first impression, that special signature that could lead to clients cracking your door wider—for real!

Toronto, Ontario