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Helpful Hints for Migraine Sufferers

Helpful Hints for Migraine Sufferers

By Dr. Kristin Caria, Naturopathic Doctor, is very passionate about helping others achieve their optimal health, focusing primarily on family medicine.  Kristin maintains clinical practices in Guelph at Traditional Homeopathy and in Toronto at Academy Natural Health Clinic.

There are a variety of reasons why people suffer from migraines. Many times the root cause has never been identified. If you are one of those individuals who comes home exhausted with a migraine, this has probably altered your quality of life. Here are the 5 top underlying causes of migraines:

1) STRESS: is probably the largest contributor. Stress migraines start in late afternoon, with gradual neck pain that extends to the back of the head, neck and temples. Our adrenal glands work 24/ 7 to do an enormous amount of work for the body and they need to be constantly supported. Your Naturopathic Doctor can order an “ Adrenal Stress Index Test”, and begin to support these important glands.

2) FOOD SENSITIVITIES: Research has observed that there are common trigger foods, but they may not apply to all headache sufferers. Your Naturopathic Doctor will run a “Food Sensitivity Blood Test”.

3) HORMONES: these types of migraines can start as early as puberty when the body gets an influx of hormonal changes. These symptoms are usually associated with either having too much or not enough of the right hormones. Have your Naturopathic Doctor check your hormone levels and they will work with you to make sure they are balanced.
4) LIVER OVERLOAD: if your liver is a little sluggish then overtime toxins will build up in your system. Regular liver detoxification and support is essential for overall health. People experiencing chronic migraines discover that accumulation of toxins in the body may be a cause. Seek a proper way to detoxify with a licensed Naturopathic Doctor.

5) VITAMIN & MINERAL DEFICIENCIES: For example, low levels of iron, magnesium, and riboflavin can lead to chronic migraines. Your Naturopathic Doctor will test your vitamin and mineral status and then make sure you are actually absorbing the nutrients and using the correct supplements for you. Your Naturopathic Doctor may also recommend antioxidants, botanical medicine or homeopathic remedies.