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Make 2014 a Fantastic Year

Make 2014 a Fantastic Year

By Tanya Chernova

Instead of setting resolutions this year, choose to create an intention around your evolution. After all, it’s your state of being that determines your actions which create results. Rather than just focusing on what you are doing less or more of, ask yourself, who am I becoming this year?

The global theme for 2014 is the Year of Integrity – you can be inspired to take this on as well as create your own…

What is Integrity?

The quality of being honest and true: To ourselves, our purpose, our clients, our higher values, our word, our inner calling, and our dreams. The state of being whole and undivided: In harmony and alignment with our authentic selves, with the people in our lives and the choices that we make. It is to release what is incongruent in our life so that we have less inner conflict and create results with greater peace, flow and joy.

Why is it important to increase integrity in our lives?

We need integrity for everything to work. As life gets busier and we feel overwhelmed, we often have the tendency to give in to fear or procrastination and lose focus on our goals. We need  to restore and increase integrity to increase our standards of excellence and for everything to work in harmony and ease in every aspect of our lives.

When we are out of integrity or out of alignment with who we are, what we want and what we believe, it creates conflict both internally and externally. Think about how you feel when you don’t keep your word to yourself or to others… it creates guilt, anxiety, disappointment and self doubt. Think about the goals you have set for yourself and your work, when you lose focus and momentum …it lowers your sense of self worth, increases resentment and can lead to feelings of self rejection.

Think about the relationships, habits or environments that make up your daily life. When they aren’t in alignment with who you are, it creates frustration, anger and drains your energy so you feel stuck. Alternatively, when you increase integrity in your life, you operate from the center of your power. You are in action and everything is working, life is moving in the right direction and you are using the power of manifestation to create results.

How do we increase our Integrity?

Integrity hinges upon the development of 4 key life skills: clarity, commitment, self discipline and courage.

Clarity: is gained from inner connection: Who am I? What is my personal and professional purpose? What are my core values? What are my authentic goals, priorities and dreams?

Commitment: the dedication that focuses my energy to create results, to stay the course, to be true to myself, my clients, my word and my choices.

Self discipline: the ability to manage my emotions. To do what I know will help me achieve, despite the doubts and feelings that endeavor to throw me off course.

Courage: to face my fear and change or release what is no longer in harmony with who I am, who I have become and where I am going.

Enjoy this powerful exercise: On a piece of paper or a tablet, answer the following questions:

1. Who am I? What are my top 5-7 core values and how do I express them in my life? Are any of them being compromised by my current circumstances, behaviour or relationships?

What are my professional and personal goals?  How do I sabotage myself and fall out of integrity?

2. What do I commit to achieving or changing for myself in 2014?

3.  What emotions throw me off course? How will I manage them? Where do I need to increase my self discipline to stay on track?

4.  What do I need the courage to change this year? Who do I need to be honest with? What relationships do I need to transform in order to be in alignment with my higher self this year? How will I do it?

Really take the time to answer these questions to reveal a new vision for yourself and your life for 2014. Write the story of your life as if it`s the end of the year. It’s December 31st, 2014 and I`m celebrating because…if you were to amplify integrity in every area of your life, what has changed, what have you achieved, who have you become, how have you grown personally and professionally? Once you write this out, you can break it into clear, manageable goals with timelines and get into action!

May 2014 be your most powerful, fulfilling and prosperous year!